Welcome to the documentation for masonite-inertia adapter for MasoniteFramework and Inertia.js.

Why an other documentation ?

The existing documentation is really good but documents only official Laravel and Rails server side adapters. Here, you will find mostly the same content but written for MasoniteFramework !

This documentation is of course based on official Inertia.js documentation, but will only explains how to use Inertia.js with MasoniteFramework and won't explain again how to configure and use it client-side as it's already covered in official documentation.

Throughout the documentation, you will see that code examples are the same as the official server-side documentation in order to ease the understanding. If something is not clear please first go to official documentation to check if more details are given.

Masonite 4

This adapter is compatible with Masonite 4 when using 4.X version.

Masonite 3

Old versions compatibles with Masonite 3 are available but won't receive new features anymore (use3.X version).

If you want to help me maintaining this package, feel free to contribute.

Official Inertia adapters

I am tracking new features and improvements added to official laravel-inertia adapter. I am trying to port those features on this adapter as well when I can.

Most important features are available in this adapter. The latest ones might not be there but feel free to open an issue for it and any help is welcome !

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